Rhythm Eternal's 

Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Pt Subhankar Banerjee- Tabla

  Faculty advisor- Guest teacher


    Ken Zuckerman- Sarod

Faculty advisor- Guest teacher 


Pt Sudhindra Bhaumik- Vocal



Pt Tarun Bhattacharya - Santoor

 Faculty advisor- Guest teacher


Anirban Roy Chowdhury- Tabla

    Percussion - Director & Faculty


Shakir Khan- Sitar



Class Format and Instructional Style:

Rhythm Eternal's prestigious faculty members comprise of the various renowned artists and maestros from vocal and instrumental categories. Teachers travel to perform as well as conduct master classes, workshops, demos and teaching. Classes are held on a regular basis for different student levels with Rhythm Eternal's local US based head teacher who also assists in coordinating various music workshops, guest lectures, master-classes and demos.

Instructional style consists of the 'Oral Teacher Student' pedagogy as practiced in Indian Classical Music.

Rhythm Eternal also works with organizations and local governmental agencies like Libraries, non-profits, schools to host monthly student recitals, free-demonstrations at educational and cultural fairs.