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Our Mission :


Indian Classical Music is a rich tradional art form which has its roots vedic era but has transformed itself into the present form due to the contributions of so many great musical thinkers and maestros over the ages.


Rhythm eternal was founded with a vision to propagate the magic and beauty of Indian Classical music among global audiences, and share with them a slice of authentic Indian Cultural heritage. We aim to achieve this through properly organised concerts, workshops, lecture - demonstrations and artists interactions as also learning sessions.


Mission Statement :


" To preserve, nurture and celebrate Indian Classical Music through projects and activities aimed at exposing global audiences to this art form and aiding it sustainment through charitable initiatives." 



  • Archive audio-visual media regarding on Indian classical music that may or may not be publicly available
  • Archive the history of Indian Classical Music  
  • Create new audiences and patrons through concerts and outreach
  • Fund documentary projects to capture and preserve the legacy of Indian classical music
  • Host artists-in-residency projects to capture and preserve their knowledge

  • Support both young as well as aged Indian classical music artists, music education institutions through scholarship programs, grants etc.

  • Celebrate the beauty and aesthetics of Indian classical music and the rich Indian cultural heritage through various events and activities hosted by Rhythm Eternal organization
  • Celebrate the lives and times of the stalwarts of Indian classical music
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