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Welcome to Rhythm Eternal


Essence of Rhythm Eternal 


We believe Music is timeless, music is food for the soul and music makes life look beautiful. Music is what inspires us to begin our day and strive tirelessly to make a humble contribution in preserving the ancient mystical and melodious heritage inherited from our forefathers.


Lineage of Indian Classical Music


With its roots tracing back to Vedic period, Indian classical music is a rich art form which evolved over thousands of years – absorbing elements of Persian music and folk music from the Indian sub-continent. Performed on religious occasions and in royal courts, it has been handed down generation to generation in the “Gurukul” tradition


Rhythm Eternal's Teaching Style


Our ourganization has been founded to teach, and impart knowledge of Indian Classical music to students and offer them a unique platform to collaborate with professional artists from around the world. While we instruct and believe in the direct teacher-disciple format, "Guru-Shishya parampara", we have established a formalized teaching syllabus and exam system which will help students achieve  a formal pedagogical recognition from accredited music institution in India


Join us and discover a lifelong passion and tradition!

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