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Welcome to Rhythm Eternal's



Sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankarji's 96th & Tabla maestro Ustad Allarakha Khan Saheb's 95th birth Anniversary Commemorated by Google doodle 

Welcome to Rhythm Eternal


Rhythm Eternal is a unique cultural institute providing rich glimpses into Indian Music, Dance, Language and Culture. Rhythm Eternal offers Training classes on Indian Classical Music - instrumental: Tabla (Percussion), Santoor (Hammered Dulcimer) and Flute (Wind); as well as Indian Classical - Vocals. Rhythm Eternal is the only music organization in the tri-state (NY / NJ) area which is affiliated by a top-grade and respected Indian-Music Institution like "SarbaBharatiya Sangeet O Sanskriti Parishad" of Kolkata, India. The institute is blessed by live support from its trustees and governing body, as well as guest maestros like Pt. Subhankar Banerjee, Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya, Ken Zuckerman, and Pt. Sudhindra Bhaumik

Rhythm Eternal was founded to pay tribute to the rich musical lineage and roots of Indian Classical music, and also as a step towards contributing back fruitfully to societal objectives of education, health awareness, charitable initiatives in the West through the rich offering of music education.

Rhythm Eternal's mission and vision is to become a world-class music institution of learning and performances where students and faculty are brought together in series of concerts and collaborations. The organization hosts a series of music concerts in major Indian cities as well as globally, thus offering musicians an opportunity to collaborate with legendary fellow artists in the Indian classical as well as world music arena.  


Rhythm Eternal as its name suggests aims to increase continued public awareness and the importance of music in daily lives as an alternative means for tackling health issues like Autism, as well as providing meditative therapy.  


Rhythm Eternal's debut concert was spearheaded by it's lead music director and teacher, who decided to launch the first of a series of concerts in India in 2014. Through the medium of art and music, the goals of the founders and directors of Rhythm Eternal were to raise awareness for Autism in children and a successful evening of classical music featuring music stalwarts and eminent artists was held in Kolkata in the summer of 2014.


Through it's Visionary Music director, as well as other music instructors who are also performing artists themselves, the Organization seeks to impart knowledge and the hallowed art of Indian Classical Music - theoretical, compositional and Live performances teaching. Rhythm Eternal acts as the cultural ambassador for the music genre in the West, continuously striving to push boundaries in collaborative efforts.

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